Vatel, a springboard towards employment

Vatel, a springboard towards employment


A booming industry

The tourism industry has made remarkable progress in the last 10 years and, despite the financial crisis, remains a safe value in the long run.

Amid this rapid growth the profession is in search of middle and senior managers of suitable levels to work in a complex, multicultural and globalised environment, ready to make a career in Marketing, Sales, Management, Human Resources, Communication ... Accommodation, Food & Beverage, Hotel management and Tourism development.

The students must be fully aware of the work in the hospitality industry, know how to defend a business plan in front of a board of directors, lead multinational and multicultural teams, create projects, manage the business according to the financial, cultural and competitive environment in the country chosen to implement their profession. 

Exciting Jobs

• Product manager
• Supervisor
• Quality supervisor
• Sales manager
• Operations manager
• Food & Beverage manager
• Rooms Division manager
• Human Resources manager
• Training manager
• Events manager...



75% of graduates with a degree obtain an unlimited term contract upon completion of studies.
They obtain job positions at middle management levels in hotel chains:

• Assistant Front Office Manager
• Restaurant Manager
• Deputy Executive Housekeeper
• Sales Executive
• Cost Controller

Master holders are incorporated in companies with the highest competence and most of them get an unlimited term contract.

These positions require the best conceptual and leading capacities: 

• Assistant Front Office Manager

• Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
• Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager
• Assistant Human Resources Manager

• Revenue Manager
• …


Employability rate after training (in percentage of graduates) in Europe

DegreeContratAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 monthsAfter 12 months
Bachelor's Degree
Limited term contract60 %

55 %

25 %

Unlimited term contract15 %43 %75 %
Total75 %98 %100 %
MasterLimited term contract45 %25 %5 %
Unlimited term contract35 %76 %95 %
Total80 %100%100 %


Average annual gross salaries of graduates of Vatel in Europe and abroad (in Euros)

DegreeContratAl 1º año
Al 2º años Al años
BachelorEurope27 70029 10031 200
Abroad30 40033 60038 080
Average29 80031 50036 400
MasterEurope31 60033 10038 800
Abroad35 50040 96045 200
Average33 80038 20042 700




World Experiences VATEL

Helene Aragón, internship in Hotel Mercure Madrid Plaza de España and first year  Bachelor student:
"There are moments in which we work seven days in a row to discover first-hand the intensive rhythm of the hospitality industry, but it is worth"

Gonzalo Flórez de Losada, internship in Hotel Wellington and first year Bachelor student:
"You get a little nervous when you get assigned some work for the first time in your work placement, but gradually these nerves become joy and responsibility"

Gonzalo Flórez de Losada, internship in Hotel Wellington and first year Bachelor student:
"Thanks to the practical experience you realise that the career you have chosen is really a great choice"

Sofía Zedan, Hotel Sheraton Madrid Mirasierra and first year Bachelor student:
"One of the things that are most welcome during the internship is to talk with professionals from different countries (Chile, Mexico, Italy, Korea, Germany, Russia, Morocco...)"

Laura Rojas, first year Bachelor student after her internship in Hilton Hotels:
"Internships are only a small part of what has been lived. I still have much to learn, laugh and live"

Gonzalo Riesgo, first year Bachelor student in his internship in Hilton Hotels:
"I do not care what they throw at us, together we will succeed. This really is a team work and worth it! "

Philippe Gandet, General Director of Vatel Spain:
"If you combine the Spanish proximity to the French know-how, we have a cocktail very difficult to be denied by the hotel industry"

Vicente Romero, President of the Spanish Association of Hotel General Managers (AEDH):
"With quality training and self-confidence, you have the doors wide open"

Omar Lahrichi, student of the fourth Bachelor promotion and winner of the 2013 Vatel Award:
"Do not be afraid of the future. I hope to meet high level professionals in the workplace that require us the most. We are prepared for it"

Alexandre Varlik, General Manager of Hotel Georges Istambul (Turkey):
"We are very satisfied with the level of knowledge and professionalism of Vatel students"

Anna Valor, Vatel student who has studied for a year in Quebec (Canada) thanks to 'Marco Polo' exchange programme:
"I recommend this wonderful program that has opened me new horizons, career opportunities, and best of all, made me grow as a person"

Guillermo Ocete, third year Bachelor student after his internship in Brussels Sofitel Le Louise 5* :
"Vatel Spain has given us the necessary knowledge so that the dream to create your own company and dedicated to the world of tourism be more than feasible"

Blanca Blay, former MBA student who chose the AC Palacio del Retiro in Madrid for her internship:
"We are a power which must be further consolidated with the effort of well trained people as Vatel students"

Javier Otiñano, former student of both the Bachelor programme and MBA who spent at the Banyan Tree Hotel in Maldives
"The theory taught by Vatel teachers has helped us to have a solid foundation and to unfold in the labour market" “



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