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A message from Alain Sebban on the re-opening of Vatel schools. - Vatel

A message from Alain Sebban on the re-opening of Vatel schools.

It is with great joy that we welcome our students back to Vatel schools. Of course, the virus is still around and so. we must all – cheerfully - respect the health measures put in place in our schools and training restaurants and hotels.


Last spring, during the global lockdown, the teaching staff made every effort to provide students with the best possible way of continuing their studies at a distance. This unusual experience was rich in learnings. It taught us that the shift in educational practices - already experimented by our teachers - is relevant, and that distance learning is not an obstacle to the acquisition of knowledge. However, we also noticed its limits, especially when learning the practical and social skills which are crucial in the field of hospitality.


Claiming that distance learning is a satisfying response to health measures would be unfair towards our students and their parents. It is in school, surrounded by their classmates, guided by their teachers and supported by professionals, that students develop their management skills, their approach to clients and their relational intelligence, and that they learn to handle complex situations.


So, dear students and colleagues, show your school spirit by wearing a face mask and respecting health measures so that we can maintain our reputation and ensure that in-school learning continues in our 55 Vatel schools!

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